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FUTURUINS – Palazzo Fortuny

19 December 2018 - 24 March 2019

At Palazzo Fortuny until March 2019 an exhibition explores the importance of the concept of “ruin” in Western culture; ruin as an aesthetic element that has always characterized our relationship with the past often triggering a feeling of nostalgia, but also triggering an immediate ethical and moral confrontation with the societies of our ancestors.

Often seen as an element by now immutable, able to cross the centuries to us, in reality the ruin, with its incontrovertible process of material deterioration for us almost always in progress, is a witness of excellence of the flow of time, is a memory of the past inserted overwhelmingly in a present in which nature often claims the vestiges absorbing it, contending with the society of humans that sometimes forgets it and other times intervenes to protect the past and the founding values that has brought into the present.

The architectural decadence of the societies of the past, exemplified by the emblematic syntagma of the “collapse into ruin“, evokes the binomial that gives the title to the exhibition, the body and the stone, and refers to the transience of life and its rebirth, through the rebuilding always undertaken over the centuries by all the societies that succeeded before us.

The exhibition will go through centuries of history analyzing the concept of destruction existing in ancient Greek and Middle Eastern myths, as well as the various destructions witnessed in the biblical accounts of the Tower of Babel and Gomorrah, without forgetting the Roman world and arriving at the great examples of war destruction of the twentieth century and the collapse of the Twin Towers at the beginning of the current century.

The exhibition is promoted with the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.


19 December 2018
March 24
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San Marco 3958
Venice, Italy
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