Vicenza – Padova by bike

Length: 45 Km

Our journey starts along the Riviera Berica cycle path “Casarotto“.

After few kilometers you will reach Villa Capra Valmarana “La Rotonda”, one of the masterpieces by Andrea Palladio.

Now you are heading towards Longare, at the foot of the Berici Hills . The leitmotif of this journey is the Bacchiglione, a river, which was the main way of communication between Padua and Vicenza.

In this landscape the first castle that you will see was strategically located on the top of a hill, in Montegalda. After the Venetian conquest it lost all military function and then it was transformed into a villa between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Not far from the Grimani Castle Sorlini, you will see another villa, Fogazzaro Colbachini, which was the residence of the writer Antonio Fogazzaro and which it preserves an original collection of bells.

When you enter the territory of Padua, you will see three rural villages. The first one is Santa Maria di Veggiano, a rustic setting immersed in a poetic agrarian landscape; then Cervarese Santa Croce, where you can cross the river and reach the castle of San Martino della Vanezza and the river Bacchiglione museum.

Keep on riding your bike pass through Creola, another village that preserves unexpected monuments, like the Sansovino Arch, the barchessa Pisani and the church of Santa Maria del Carmine.

Now you are close to Padua. 

Ride your bike along the Scaricatore Canal, where the Paduans generally love to go running. Following the cycle paths, you will reach the big living room of the city: Prato della Valle, one of the largest squares in Italy.

Now you are in PaduaReady to visit this beautiful city?