Bike ride around Padua

  • Start point: Padova, Porte Contarine
  • Finish point: Padova, Porte Contarine
  • Total distance: 54 km
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Grade of difficulty: medium

If you want to see the landscape around Padova, this easy loop itinerary is a perfect experience for you.

It starts from Porte Contarine (at the corner between via Giotto and Via Matteotti in Padua) and heads towards the Scrovegni Chapel, in which you can admire the frescoes of Giotto.

The first canal that you will come across is the Piovego, which connects Padua to Venice by the Brenta Canal. At the beginning of your journey you will see Porta Ognissanti: it is a triumphal arch that still allow the boats to dock.

After the Piovego Canal, you will ride on the banks of the San Gregorio Canal and then on the banks of the Scaricatore Canal where the Paduans generally go running.

Your ride will proceed along the Bacchiglione embankment, the river that feeds the Paduan canals. At the end of the straight stretch of the canal you will reach Limena where you can admire some villas and the ancient hydraulic manufactures of the Colmelloni.

After Limena, your journey will then continue on the Brenta river: we suggest you stop in this beautiful landscape and admire the natural beauty that surrounds you.

When you see a centuries old oak, you will have to turn into a country road that leads to the entrance of the Certosa di Vigodarzere, an authentic Renaissance jewel. On the other bank, you will see the former church of S. Eufemia di Altichiero, where you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Paduan Waterways.

After a few kilometres, you will reach Stra, a riverside town where you can visit many famous villas.

Your journey is almost over: from Noventa you will ride your bike along the Piovego Canal, where the beautiful Villa Giovanelli. We suggest you to admire the beauty of this building and take some photos for your friends and family before re-entering the city.

Congratulation, you did it!