Caffè Pedrocchi

The Pedrocchi Café  is café founded in the 18th century in the city centre of Padua.

The café has historical prominence because of its role in the 1848 riots against the Habsburg monarchy, as well as for being an attraction for artists over the last century from the French novelist Stendhal to Lord Byron to the Italian writer Dario Fo.

It became a famous meeting place for students, teachers, literaty figures, artists and merchants.

The building has two floors:

the cafeteria (coffee shop) at the ground floor, where you can find  different rooms called as the colour of the drapes.

The piano nobile  at the first floor, with various rooms: Rossini room or Ballroom, the Egyptian room, the Roman room and so on.

Nowadays the piano nobile houses the Risorgimento and Modern Age Museum.