Feast of St. Anthony

The Feast of St. Anthony is celebrated on June 13.

After a solemn mass celebrated in the morning by the bishop in the Basilica, a second solemn mass follows in the afternoon, celebrated by the provincial father of the Friars Minor Conventual.

After the second mass, the relic of the chin of the Saint, preceded by the statue, is carried in procession through the streets of the city center, followed by a parade of the confraternities with their respective banners, and by the authorities.

The procession winds along the main streets of the historic center along the following route: Piazza del Santo, Via del Santo, Via San Francesco, Via Roma, Via Umberto I, Prato della Valle, Via Beato Luca Belludi, Piazza del Santo.

The event ends with the speech of the Mayor and the Blessing with the relic of the Finger of the Saint.