Jewish cemetery

The Jewish cemetery of Venice, founded in 1389 and located on the Lido of Venice, was until the XVIII century the burial place of the Venetian Jews.

It is one of the oldest preserved Jewish cemeteries in Europe.

In the XIX century the cemetery gradually fell into disuse and opened the nearby New Cemetery. This was followed by years of neglect and vandalism, culminating in the definitive closure of the ancient cemetery decreed by the fascist racial laws in 1938.

In 1999, important works were completed thanks to public and private, Italian and international funds. More than a thousand tombstones have been recovered, dating from 1550 to the beginning of 1700, with inscriptions in Hebrew, but also in Spanish and Portuguese, to show the great variety and openness of the Jewish community of Venice.

Today the cemetery, open for visits, is one of the most significant monuments of Jewish presence in Italy. Near the entrance, the tomb of the famous Rabbi Leone da Modena (1571-1648) still welcomes visitors.

Today it is possible to visit the ancient Jewish cemetery of Lido di Venezia thanks to the visits organized by the Jewish Museum of Venice.

Address: Riviera S. Nicolò, 30126 Lido VE .

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