Doge’s Palace (St.Mark’s Square Museums)

A typical example of Gothic architecture, the Doge’s Palace is the heart and symbol of the city of Venice, the residence of the Doge and the seat of the Venetian Magistracies.

Visit the Museum to discover the history and culture of the Venetian civilization, from its very origins: the early doges, the fourteenth-century architecture, the renovations by Doge Foscari and the fifteenth-century Palace, the fire in 1577, the prisons and the later seventeenth-century improvements, all the way to the fall of the Venetian Republic.

Inside, the palace is just as impressive and there is a series of immensely decorated rooms that all have original details, furniture and artwork by Titian, Veronese, Tiepolo and Tintoretto, provide an extraordinary visitor experience.

Address: Piazza San Marco 1, 30124 Venice

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