Venetian Ghetto

The Jewish ghetto of Venice is divided into three areas: ghetto vecchio, ghetto nuovo and ghetto nuovissimo.

In fact, in spite of the name that deceives, ghetto nuovo, the new ghetto is the oldest one in which the first Jews from central Europe settled, the Ashkenaziti. It was instituted on 29 March 1516. The new ghetto stands on an island surrounded by canals.

When the ghetto was still a district of segregation of the Jewish minority, in the evening at midnight the bridges were closed with gates and reopened in the morning.

Today, the Ghetto is still a center of Jewish life in the city. The Jewish Community of Venice, that counts about 450 people, is still culturally very active, although only a few members live in the Ghetto.

Here you can find several judaica shops and a Chabad synagogue, run by Chabad of Venice.

Address: Campo di Ghetto Nuovo, 2902/b.

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