Museo Canonicale (The Canonical Museum)

The Canonical Museum is a museum that was recently set up in the building of the Capitular Library in Piazza Duomo, with the permanent exhibition of important sculptures and paintings from the XX century to the XIX century. The works of the museum are mostly donations or collections of canons.

The idea of setting up a museum for these collections was already there in the seventies, but it was only recently realized, after the restoration of the ground floor, under the library, where just over seventy sculptures and paintings have been placed.

Here you will also find many paintings by Liberale da Verona, Nicolo’ Giolfino, Francesco Morone, Felice Brusasorci, Giovanni Maria Falconetto, Bonifacio de ‘Pitati, Paolo Farinati, Giovan Francesco Caroto, Alessandro Turchi (l’Orbetto), Giulio Carpioni, Francesco Benaglio, Alessandro Longhi, Giambettino Cignaroli and Fra ‘Galgario.

Address: Piazza Duomo, 21.

For more info (timetables, prices, reservation) here’s the link to the official website: