The Museum of History of Medicine

The Museum of History of Medicine illustrates the evolution of medical Science over the centuries.

Visit this museum to discover the extraordinary journey of Medicine, from ancient discipline to modern science, with a keen eye on the history of Padua’s Medical School. (The University of Padua is one of the most important medical university in West Europe).

The museum hosts a new and attractive exhibition also suitable for young children who can enjoy observing microbes and bacteria through a microscope, listen to the sound of heartbeats just like real doctors, touch plastic organs and flip through ancient books, smell medicine plants in the Therapy room and much more!

The Museum is set up in the 15th century building that used to house Padua’s first hospital, built in 1414 by the spouses Sibilia de’ Cetto and Baldo Bonafari da Piombino: the Hospital of Saint Francis the Greater.

Address: via San Francesco, 94.

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