Bike ride from Padua to Venice

  • DISTANCE: 40 km
  • START POINT: Padova Train Station
  • END POINT: Mestre Train Station

This amazing bike ride will take you from one of the most beautiful city of Veneto to the most beautiful in the world, Venice.

During this journey you will follow the waterways out of the city to reach the town of Stra and the Riveria del Benta

The villa Pisani in Stra is the starting point.

You will ride through Dolo, Mira and finally to Malcontenta.

Along the route, you will see the natural beauty of these places and you will admire the rich culture of architecture. 

This section of the adventure ends in the last mainland city before reaching Venice, Mestre

From Mestre you can reach Venice in different ways: you can take the train or the tram or you can ride across the ‘Liberty Bridge‘.

Now you are in Venice! Ready to visit this beautiful city?