Bike tour in Lido

Enjoy an extraordinary day in Lido Island by riding a bike along the sea and the lagoon. Admire the stunning landscape and the most prestigious art nouveau buildings.

This tour is very easy and perfect for families. You will ride your bike along a breathtaking sea and lagoon, and soak in its wonderful landscapes.

Have a rest and admire the most prestigious art nouveau buildings situated in the historical center of the island. If you are brave enough you can also go for a swimming.

You can leave from Tronchetto using the ferryboat (timetables on with your bicycle. If you arrive by ferry, get off to the right and continue straight on until you reach Piazzale S.M. Elisabetta, the square with the vaporetto stops. Now you have to keep on going in that direction.

Lido is a separate island which creates a barrier between Venice and the Adriatic Sea and features a long stretch of beautiful beach to enjoy.

From Piazzale S. M. Elisabetta go straight along via Sandro Gallo, till you reach via Malamocco, a small ancient village where the houses are very similar to the buildings in Venice. You will also see the many Marcian lions.

Now leave the ancient port that in Roman times belonged to the city of Padua and keep on riding towards the Alberoni. Ride along the lagoon and if you have the chance, you can see some rowers training in the water or some fishermen catching cuttlefish and other fishes.

In the lagoon you will also see some small islands with an octagonal shape that were used to defend the city from attacks by sea. At a certain point, the road turns left and then right, where you can notice the former fort with the Golf Club. The road ends with a roundabout and boarding the ferry boat to the island of Pellestrina.

Turn around the roundabout and take the first road towards the high tower in front of you. Then turn left and take the marble road: this road runs along the entrance to the port of Malamocco and will take you to the end of the dam.

Now let’s go down to the beach. Here you will see the indications of all the kilometers to get to Toronto, Camberra, Santo Domingo and so on.

Keep on going (you can ride your bike or go on foot) until you reach the first artificial barriers against the Adriatic Sea and that are called “murassi“. Go up the road that runs along them and enjoy the view.

The “murassi” road is famous for practicing both human and animal nudism. Here there are a lot of tree trunks, where you can stop and have a rest, watch the landscape and eat something. When the “murassi” are over, the beaches of Lido begin. When you reach the roundabout, go straight on!

After a couple of bends, yuo will reach the area of San Nicolò. Ride you bike and enter the large free beach of S. Nicoletto: what a wonderful view! Keep on riding till the famous lighthouse of Lido at the bottom of the dam and go back until you see the road for the cars.

At the bottom, turn right along the Nicelli airport, the airport in Lido used for small Jet . In front of you, you will find the tree-lined avenue that takes you back to the ferry boat. Or if you want, you can turnleft and coast the lagoon till the square S.M. Elisabetta, where you will have to leave your bicycles and take the ferry to go back home.

Congratulation, you did it!