Feast of St. Mark

The Feast of St. Mark is one of the most important festivals and events in Venice. It is celebrated on April 25 and is the feast of the patron saint of the city.

On January 31, 828 the remains of the body of St. Mark the Evangelist were masterfully stolen with a clever ploy to the Saracens by two Venetian sailors, Buono di Malomocco and Rustico da Torcello, and transported from Alexandria in Egypt to Venice.

When the holy relics arrived in Venice, they were kept in angulo palatii at the Doge’s Palace until a chapel was built to house them, which is now known as the Basilica of San Marco.

Saint Mark is the protector and symbol of the city.

Today the commemorative ceremony takes place only on 25 April and on this day it is a tradition that the Venetians give their wives and lovers a red rose.