Regata Storica

Regata Storica is the most famous and spectacular festival of the city that takes place right on the waters of the Grand Canal.

Regata Storica is still today one of the most spectacular, picturesque and engaging moments of city life, able, at the same time, to enchant tourists and to excite and excite the locals.

Since the early years of the Republic, it has been a tradition to organize boat races to celebrate some historical or political event or when important people such as rulers, ambassadors, foreigners went to Venice.

The race itself was preceded by a procession of dozens of colorful boats (the bissone) and various types magnificently decorated by the true noble families, at the center of which was the famous Bucintoro.

The race that took place later was the one that most kindled the spirits because it was attended by the best known and strongest champions among the gondoliers of the patrician families.

Every year, on the afternoon of the first Sunday of September, this exquisitely Venetian event is renewed with the same rules, the same splendours of past centuries and the same participation of the people who acclaim their champions in the magnificent setting of the Grand Canal.