The Flight of the Angel

The “Flight of the Angel” is a traditional event that goes back to the Serenissima period where an unknown guest of Venice, flying along a rope from San Marco bell tower to the middle of the square, will offer an homage to the Doge, and will be greeted by the crowded parterre of the period costumes parades of the Historical Re-enactments.

In the modern Carnival it was decided to re-present to the public, in a guise similar to the original one of the ancient Carnival, the anniversary of the Flight of the Angel, in its variant of Flight of the Columbine.

While in the past this show was celebrated on Fat Thursday, in modern editions it is generally held at noon on the first Sunday of the feast, as one of the opening events that officially decree the beginning of the Carnival itself.

Above a festive crowd, with its eyes turned to the Bell Tower of San Marco, a mechanical bird in the shape of a dove makes, as in the past, its descent on the rope to the Doge’s Palace. At about halfway along the route, a trapdoor is opened at the bottom, which frees up countless confetti and confetti or other small gifts in the crowded Piazzetta.

Since the 2001 edition, the first of the millennium, we have moved back to the old formula of the Flight of the Angel, replacing the Columbine with an artist in flesh and blood. The artist, secured to a metal cable, makes his descent from the belfry of the bell tower flowing slowly to the ground, suspended in the void, above the multitude that fills the space below.

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