Cabbage of Verona

Cauliflower is a vegetable that has been known and appreciated since ancient times, since its therapeutic properties were already known at that time. It is rather cheap and is often avoided because it is accused of emitting, during boiling, an unpleasant smell that can be avoided with a little vinegar.

More than 400 farms in Verona produce different varieties of cauliflower.

The village of Castagnaro, being the largest producer at national level, has started the practices to obtain the I.G.P. mark.

Cauliflower is low in calories because it is quite rich in fiber, potassium, zinc, vitamins of group C and selenium, as well as excellent stimulator of the immune defenses of our body.

Cauliflower should be placed in cold, salted water and boiled with a little vinegar over low heat, served with salt, pepper and hot melted butter.

The cabbage is used as a raw or cooked side dish and for more elaborate and tasty dishes such as vegetable soups.