The most famous cheese is Grana Padano. It is a hard cheese ready to be tasted after a slow maturation (12/18 months). White or straw yellow in colour, it has a fragrant aroma and an intense but soft flavor, which is accentuated as it matures.

Grana Padano can be used from appetizers to desserts, in flakes as an aperitif, with slices of raw meat, in salads, with mustard, with honey, with apples or walnuts. With Grana Padano you can drink still and sparkling white wines.


The “Monte Veronese D.o.p.” cheese is produced from milk exclusively from Lessinia farms. Monte Veronese whole milk is a semi-cooked cheese made from cow’s milk matured for 30 to 60 days. Its taste is delicate and pleasant.

Monte Veronese d’allevo” cheese has the same characteristics with a maturation that goes from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 2 years.

In the province of Verona, you will also find the ‘Provolone Valpadano D.o.p.‘ cheese. Made from whole cow’s milk, it is compact, semi-hard, buttery with no holes and is white or straw-coloured. There are different types of Provolone: sweet, tasty or spicy.