How to reach Verona?


Valerio Catullo Airport: The airport is only 10 km from the city center and offers easy access to the highway network:

  • A4 (exit to Sommacampagna) and A22 (exit to Verona Nord);
  • from Vicenza, Mantova, Trento, Bolzano (exit to Verona Nord).

It offers direct flights to and from Italy major airports, and foreign destinations.

From Valerio Catullo airport to Verona city centre: shuttle service to and from Catullo Airport – Verona Porta Nuova railway station.


Verona Porta Nuova is the main railway station at the intersection of two major railways – Milan-Venice and Rome-Brennero lines.

 Other stations: Verona Porta Vescovo; Peschiera (to get to Lake Garda)

To Verona city centre: a 10/15-minute walk from the station, or by ATV public transport city-bus service.

Routes and timetable:


Motorway A4 (Milan-Venice) crosses the Province of Verona West to East providing access to the city with exit Verona Est and exit Verona Sud. Highway A22 is a North to South route with access to the city with exit Verona Nord.


  • A4 Brescia-Padova         
  • A22 Modena-Brennero  

PAY ATTENTION TO ZTL ZONE: In the city center, pay attention to the limited traffic zone speed limit (ZTL). More info at


Tour buses before entering the city ( in the ” ZTL Bus” ) must obtain an entrance ticket which entitles you only to drop off and pick up passengers.  

Routes and timetable: