Maffeian Lapidary Museum

The Maffeian Lapidary Museum was inaugurated in 1738 in Verona by Marquis Maffei.

It is one of the oldest lapidary museums in Europe.

It is located near Piazza Bra, within the ancient walls of the city of Verona.

In 1883 the Lapidary Museum was purchased by the Municipality of Verona and rearranged according to modern criteria in 1982.

Here you will see more than five hundred finds, such as Roman epigraphic materials, Greek epigraphic materials and Etruscan, Paleo-Venetian and Arab sculptural materials.

The visit ends with a walk over the Portoni della Bra, through a connection that goes beyond the medieval Scaliger walls and leads to the XIX century Palazzo della Gran Guardia, offering an amazing view of one of the most beautiful squares in the world.

Address: Piazza Bra, 28.

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