Porta Borsari

Porta Borsari is an ancient Roman gate in Verona. Built in the first century BC, it was the only gate of the city walls that allowed the entrance to the Roman city of Verona through the Via Postumia.

An inscription dating from emperor Gallienus’ reign reports another reconstruction in 265 AD. The Via Postumia (which here became the decumanus maximus) passed through the gate, which was the city’s main entrance and was therefore richly decorated.

It also originally had an inner court, now disappeared.

The gate’s Roman name was Porta Iovia, as it was located near a small temple dedicated to Jupiter lustralis.

In the Middle Ages it was called Porta di San Zeno, while the present name refers to the Borsari, that is to the soldiers of guard that in medieval age collected the bishopric duties.

Address: Corso Cavour, 2.