Porta dei Leoni

Porta Leoni is an ancient Roman gate in Verona.

It was built during the Roman Republic. It was connected to the road which led to Bologna and Aquileia.

The name Porta dei Leoni derives from a Roman tomb decorated with two lions (leoni), now moved near Ponte Navi.

The gate has a square structures, with a double façade. Today only half of the inner façade and the foundings are visible.

The original decorations are all lost.

The lower part of Porta dei Leoni will remind you Porta Borsari.

Address: via Leoni, 1. 

For more info (timetables, prices, reservation) here’s the link to the official website: http://www.veronissima.com/sito_italiano/html/monumenti_verona_porta_leoni.html