Romeo and Juliet itinerary

“Ah Romeo, Romeo, why are you Romeo?” We all know the most famous love story of all time. Juliet and Romeo, the unfortunate lovers of the tragedy, live their love within the walls of the city of Verona.

You can follow our itinerary to rediscover the places linked to young lovers, a romantic journey to the “City of Love”.

The route begins where the legend says that one of the most famous and well-known scenes in the world took place, at Juliet’s House, in Via Cappello, in the historic centre of Verona.

Before reaching the real center of the action, we pass through the walls of Juliet, the walls that surround the entrance to the house, literally covered with love messages of lovers from around the world. A colorful and romantic collage that attracts young and old people, where you can stop to declare you love to your beloved.

This leads to Juliet’s courtyard, where the main attraction is her balcony. You can easily imagine the scene that we all know: the young Juliet overlooking the balcony and the young Romeo who declares his love from the courtyard.

Here there are two other places where you should take some photos: the statue of Juliet and the wall of padlocks.

It is said that if you touch the breast of Juliet’s statue, it will bring you good luck. This gesture has been made so many times that you immediately notice the effect on the statue itself: in fact, the breast is shinier because many tourists have hoped to attract good luck.

Unfortunately, recently, the statue has suffered some damage due to exposure to the weather and the many hugs received and has been replaced by a copy, while the original will be restored.

Behind the statue there is the wall of padlocks, where many couples in love wanted to seal their love. Do not miss the opportunity to become Juliet yourself and climb on the balcony, visiting the house also inside.

The itinerary continues, and you will meet the other protagonist of our history, Romeo, and you will see his house, a few steps away from Juliet’s home.

You can reach it through a small walk that leads first to Piazza Erbe and then to the Arche Scaligere, passing through Piazza Dante, but unfortunately it can only be visited from the outside, as it is a private home. The building still retains all its ancient charm, and even if it is not possible to enter, a plaque on the outside of the building, remembers its illustrious owner.

Now the itinerary will bring you to the Juliet’s Tomb. Cross the walls of Piazza Bra, where on the right side there is a small bust of Shakespeare reminiscent of “Do not hesitate world outside the walls of Verona”, a quote that recalls the exile of Romeo in the nearby city of Mantua and declaration of love towards the city of Verona.

Keep on walking to reach Juliet’s Tomb, the place where the unfortunate tragedy of our lovers was said to have ended. Here, an empty sarcophagus in red marble represents the burial place of the young heroine. Nowadays the place is made more joyful, thanks to the possibility of civilly joining in marriage.

One last tip: if you want to make your visit even more romantic, be sure to visit Verona during Valentine’s Day. During this period, in fact, the city hosts Verona in Love, the event dedicated to love, during which many events are organized, and the city turns into a magnificent ode to love and lovers.