Verona – Vicenza by bike

Length: 63 Km

Our journey starts from Juliet’s house in Verona and heads towards the south of the city. Here the campaign along river Adige is cleverly cultivated with fruit and vegetables of high quality.

After about 30 kilometers you will reach Soave, a walled city with Lombard origins. The village is medieval and in fact there you will see many numerous historical buildings, from the majestic castle, from the Scaliger walls and towers around it.

Soave is surrounded by cultivated vineyards, where the famous white wine Soave is produced. Take a pause and taste a delicious glass of wine and other typical products in one of the many elegant taverns.

But now the journey must go on! Go through Monteforte Alpone at the foot of the Lessini Mountains and enter Vicenza territory, in the plain that divides the Pre-Alps from the Berici Hills. When you cross Montebello you will see two castles popularly known as Juliet’s Castle, Castle of Bellaguardia and Romeo’s Castle (Castle of the Villa).

Vicenza is now close.

Ride your bike along the roads leading to Brendola to the of the Berici Hills. The landscape is enriched with Venetian villas, a prelude to the masterpieces of the Palladians buildings that you will admire in Vicenza.

Along the way, you will see the villas Pisani Bonetti by Palladio or Pisani Ferri “La Rocca” by Vincenzo Scamozzi. Luckily, there is not traffic in these roads.

Keep on riding your bike till Vicenza from the top of Monte Berico. Near the famous Sanctuary, you can admire a breathtaking view of the city and its amazing Palladian Basilica.

When you arrive in historical center, we suggest you leave your bike and have a walk in this beautiful city and admire the squares, the buildings, the churches and the Olympic Theatre.

Congratulation, you did it!