Baccalà alla vicentina

The cod and the figure of “Palladio” are the most famous symbols of Vicenza.

In Rost, one of the most remote of the Lofoten islands off the coast of Norway, in 1432, the expedition led by the Venetian Pietro Querini sank.

When Captain Querini went back to Italy, he brought with him the stockfish. Many gastronomists studied this fish and then gave birth to the dish called Baccalà alla vicentina.

In October 1580, at the beginning of the Palladian era, Michel de Montaigne arrived in Vicenza. And in his famous “Journal de Voyage en Italie”, he mentioned the famous “national dish” of Vicenza.

Baccalà alla vicentina is made from stockfish. It is very sweet, especially despite a lack of added sugar. The caramelization of milk sugars likely gives this dish its characteristic flavor.

It is generally served with toasted bread or polenta.